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Admissions open for all UG, PG courses (2014-2015),

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Jerusalem Educational Trust was formed in the year 1993 as a Charitable Trust, with an objective of promoting higher education in India in the fields of Engineering and Technology, Medicine, Dentistry and Paramedical works as well as Arts, Science, Commerce and Physical Education.
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C.E.O's Desk
Prof. J. Mala
This is an age of knowledge explosion. The new millennium is going to see man's creative energy and technical know-how getting expressed in terms of great multi-dimensional strides of progress in all walks of human life. Read More ...
Principal's desk
Dr. M.Ramalingam B.E., M.S., Ph.D.

Education is a Continuous and lifelong learning process. The ideal of education is to produce a wholesome person capable of improving his intellect while remaining sensitive to ethical, social and Environmental issues. Read More ...


University Ranks
List of University Rank Holders
  • 6th Rank - Monica.A - CE
  • 11th Rank - Suji.S - CE
  • 25th Rank - Vidhya.T - CE
  • 25th Rank - Wesly Jellknight - CE
  • 36th Rank - Kalaiyarasi.E - CE
  • 40th Rank - Gayathri.H - CE
  • 24th Rank - Divya.E - CSE
  • 50th Rank - Harini.B - EEE
  • 3rd Rank - Pavithra.S - BME
  • 8th Rank - Ramya.S - BME
  • 10th Rank - Nivaedita.N - IT
  • 26th Rank - Priyadharshini.V - IT
  • 35th Rank - Hannah.J.S - IT
  • 36th Rank - Rajeswari.G - IT
  • 40th Rank - Sukanya.S - IT
  • 42nd Rank - Jayashree.P - IT
  • 14th Rank - Glory.R - ME AE
  • 34th Rank - Alisha Evangeline.G- ME AE
  • 27th Rank - Mary Alias - ME CSE
  • 40th Rank - Selvapriya.S - ME CSE
  • 42nd Rank - Jeslin Shanthamalar.J - ME CSE
  • 47th Rank - Karthikka.C - ME CSE
  • 31st Rank - Kiruthuka.S - ME PED
  • 29th Rank - Manonandini.R - MBA
  • 42nd Rank - Gokulan.S - MBA
  • 45th Rank - Kalaiarasi.N - MBA
  • 13th Rank - Mohana Priya.K - MCA
  • 20th Rank - Mugunthan.S.N - MCA

The college library is open to students and staff members from 8.00 a.m to 6.30 p.m on all working days. The library has good collection of books,which include latest edition on Engineering disciplines and other branches of knowledge.Read More ...
Research & Development & Consultancy Cell
Many research projects and funded projects are being undertaken. A special Research Committee has been formed to undertake various research activities, in collaboration with Research & Development Departments of premier institutions to instill the sense of research in students
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Accreditations & Recognitions
For admissions contact
Administrative office
No.25, Mahalingam street, Mahalingapuram
Nungambakkam,Chennai 600034
Ph:044-28173144, Fax:044-42059952
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