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Department of Biomedical Engineering

The department of Bio medical Engineering has endowed with effective application of engineering principles in the medical field. The department has well qualified and highly motivated faculty and well equipped laboratories to cater the needs of students. We aim:
  • To produce the students with an interdisciplinary knowledge, who can understand and apply the basic engineering principles in the medical field.
  • To produce the students with an interdisciplinary knowledge, who can understand and apply the basic engineering principles in the medical field.

    Department of Biomedical engineering is committed to produce globally competent medical engineers with ethical and social considerations and to foster their intellectual growth in multi disciplinary fields for improving human condition and healthy nation building.


    Providing technical knowledge through skilled innovative practices and experiments in ethical learning environment. Creating new knowledge and enabling technologies in devising simple and low cost methods for diagnosis and therapy at different medical fields through research and Developmental activities Providing quality education and design activities in developing entrepreneurship qualities.


    PEO 1:Graduates will excel in the application of mathematics, basic sciences, and Biosciences to multidisciplinary domains. PEO 2:Graduate will adapt to the contemporary technologies and support health care providers at various levels with effective communication and team work . PEO 3:Graduates will develop optimum biomedical engineering solutions with ethical commitment. PEO 4:Graduates will excel themselves to be an Entrepreneur in the biomedical field.

HOD's Desk ...

Biomedical Engineering Program was introduced at Jerusalem College of Engineering in the academic year 2005-06, with a sanctioned intake of 60 students. It has been functioning effectively under the guidance of Dr. Mary Kutty Cyriac. The faculty, staff and students are working towards the betterment of this relatively new department. The Biomedical Engineering Association was inaugurated on September 12.,2008 by Prof. Ramasubba Reddy, IIT - Madras. The department provides a challenging environment to the students to build on their potentials so that they can develop into competent professionals. The department also encourages the students to excel in extra curricular activities besides academics. The students and faculty share a great rapport among themselves which proves to be the underlying factor behind the academic excellence of the students.

NameDesignationView Profile
Dr. MARYKUTTY CYRIACProfessor & HeadView Profile
Mrs. P. NandhiniAssociate ProfessorView Profile
Mrs.J.Sofia BobbySr. Asst. ProfessorView Profile
Ms.M.S.JeyalakshmiAsst. Professor IIView Profile
Ms. J. Jemina Asnoth SylviaAsst. Professor IIView Profile
Ms. V. MythilyAsst. Professor IView Profile
Ms. K. Yamuna DeviAsst. Professor IView Profile
Ms.C.L.Annapoorani Asst. Professor IView Profile
Mrs. S. PurnimaAsst. Professor IView Profile
Mr. M.Kathiravan Asst. Professor IView Profile
Mr. Kanagaluru Venkatesh Asst. Professor IView Profile
V. GOMATHYAsst. Professor IView Profile
Dr. J. SivakamasundariAssociate ProfessorView Profile


    The department has the following well-equipped labs:
  • Biochemistry & Human Physiology Lab
  • Pathology & Microbiology Lab
  • Biomedical Instrumentation Lab
  • Diagnostic & Therapeutic Equipments Lab
  • All the labs are provided with computer systems.

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Achievements In The Department

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The project entitled "Neuro Feedback training for elderly persons for the treatment of Alzheimer / Parkinson / Dementia" submitted by M.Kalaivani, Senior Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering has been selected for funding under the Department of Science and Technology - New Delhi

Resource Person

  1. M. Kalaivani, Senior Assistant Professor,delivered a special Lecture on MRI at Bharath University in September 2011
  2. M.Kalaivani, Senior Assistant Professor Delivered a special Lecture on MRI at EEE Department at Jerusalem College of Engineering in Sep 2011
  3. M. Kalaivani, Senior Assistant Professor, Special Lecture on "Neuro Feedback and Cross modality Analysis" at SSN College of Enigneering on 6 th January 2012


  • Purnima.S, Soundarya Parvathy, Karthiga,(2011) "Assistance for disabled through EOG",Conference on Nascent technologies in Biomedical, Electrical Engineering and Communication (NT - BEECOM '11), Veltech Multitech Engineering College, Chennai.
  • Kalaivani Manickam, Rekha Thiagarajan, and J. Sofia Bobby presented a paper titled "Hurst Exponent and P300 Based BACI for stroke rehabilitation" in National Conference on Recent advances in Communication, Electrical and Electronics and information technology (RACEIT - 2011)" at Prathyusha Institute of Technology and Management on 28th February 2011 and got second prize which got the acceptance of publication in IETE journal.
  • Kalaivani M. J.A. Sylvia, Cynthia David, H. Greeshma, C. Jhayachandar and M. Kaushik Prakash (2011), "Automatic recognition of exudative maculopathy using neural networks", Int.J. Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Vol.7, No.1. pp. 46 - 56.
  • J.A,Sylvia,Jennifer Swittens,R.Komalavalli, C.D.Lavanya Devi and Manikandan (2011),"Alarm clock using sleep analysis", Int. J. Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Vol. 7, No. 2,

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